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Animal Communicator 

Sarah Lea is a professional Animal Communicator, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Sarah has expertise ranges from working with some of the biggest celebrities to rescue animals from Yulin Dog meat trade, testing labs, severe abuse situations and much more. She specializes in Pet anxiety and rewiring trauma, separation anxiety and integral dynamics. Although much of this work is Animal Psychology, there is a large intuitive element to her sessions too, so don't be surprised if information about other people in your life (living and passed) may surface, with your permission of course. Sarah's aim is to serve those that are serving animals, bring healing, peace, clarity and understanding so that not only the animals are having a more harmonious experience, but the people are too. .


About Sarah Lea

Sarah Lea grew up on a farm in South Africa where she was surrounded by all types of animals to working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. From a very young age, Sarah's innate passion and understanding for their unique psychology drove her to rescue and nurture abandoned and mistreated animals.


Sarah has a firm belief that one can not truly empathize with the pain of animals or work with them, if one consume's them, hence her being vegan for over a decade.


Sarah has worked with her ability to understand others since a very young age, trained with world-renowned animal communicators, to hone her natural abilities and she has developed a very specific skill-set and her own unique way of communicating with and understanding others.

Through many years of doing this work, Sarah has developed a deep understating of the dynamics in a family structure, how trauma affects each animal differently, and how to assist animals and their owners in working through their trauma.


Sarah understanding that we are not just physical beings, we are all multifaceted, that 97% of communication is non-verbal and we are communicating on a different plane all the time, we just have to choose to recognize that and listen.

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