Animal Communicator & reiki practitioner

Sarah Lea is a professional Animal Communicator and Reiki Practitioner, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Sarah is able to communicate with both living animals and animals that have passed over. In doing so, she is able to bring peace to lost animals and their families, give a better understanding of the animal and how we can better serve them, discover health and behavioral issues and find solutions to pet behavior.


Sarah has been communicating with animals and deceased pets for almost a decade. She receives information predominantly through imaging and emotions. Sarah's main focus is achieving peace of mind, clarity, and utmost health for both the animal and their owner.


About Sarah Lea

Sarah Lea grew up on a farm in South Africa where she was surrounded by all types of animals. From a very young age, Sarah's innate passion and understanding for their unique psychology drove her rescue and nurture abandoned and animals.


At age 14, Sarah decided to live her life with more compassion for animals and became vegan. She hasn't eaten meat since.


Sarah has trained with a world-renowned animal communicator in South Africa, to hone in on her natural ability to understand animals and their thoughts. She developed a very specific skill-set and her own unique way of communicating with animals.

Through many years of doing this work, Sarah has developed a deep understating of the dynamics in a family structure, how trauma affects each animal differently, and how to assist animals and their owners in working through their trauma.


Sarah has helped owners to heal their emotional trauma after an animal's passing as well as solve an animal's behavioral and physical health issues. As a Reiki Practitioner, Sarah also works to balance energies within the animal, which plays a huge role in the health of an animal as they are a lot more sensitive to the world around them than we are.

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