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-Ashlee A.

As a huge skeptic of all things of this nature, I was not expecting much. Maybe a few generic bits of information or some made-up story about my horses past. I was literally blown away by my phone call with Sarah. Not only did she tell me things in vivid detail that were spot on, but she shared feelings from my horse about specific situations. Sarah would have never known these things would have occurred if she wasn’t truly communicating. As cliche as it sounds, I went from skeptic to believer in one phone call. Her reading was worth every cent and I feel more at peace with the decisions and interactions I have with my horse. Thank you

-April & Dave B.

Going into the session with Sarah, I was a little bit more open to animal communication/ pet psychics than my husband, he was kind of against it and didn't believe that there was a solution to the depression that our precious dog Bella was experiencing. Well... we were both wrong and caught off guard. Sarah gave us such clear information on the root of Bella's depression, where it switched, and what needed to change, not only in her but how WE were perceiving it and handling it. She gave us specific things to do every single day to "rewire" Bella's mind as well as some suggestions on CBD and so on. We were expecting maybe a slight change in her... 3 weeks later and she is a different dog and WE are so much more relaxed and relieved, one meeting with her and everything shifted PLUS for anyone with skeptics in the family, she is so not that hippy type, "normal" people can relate to her and be part of the conversation. A must for anyone searching for a solution.

-jessy s.

The power of reiki and understanding emotions in an animal has absolutely changed the way I handle myself and my rescues, after learning from Sarah 

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