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Don’t be fooled by the label. Make sure you know what is in your pet's CBD products.

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Do you know what is in your pet's CBD? Here are three things you need to know before choosing the safest option for your fur baby.

As CBD Companies continue to add “PET CBD” to their product list, there is a growing concern for wether the product was actually created with pets in mind or if it was simply just added as an after thought. This brings with it a vast difference in quality and effectiveness. The cheap and cheery bottle labelled “PET CBD” at your local pet shop or grocery store for $30 is most likely not the safest or most effective.

As the need for management of separation anxiety grows and holistic management of their ailments arises, the interest in CBD for pets continues to climb and as seen by experts in this field, brands are labelling products for pets without ensuring the quality and safety is a number one priority!

Here are three ways to sift through the scammers and find the safest, cleanest and most effective pet CBD for your fur child… and yourself!

1. Be sure it's full-spectrum for maximum effect and benefit.

Most consumers do not know that all CBD is not created equally. There is a difference between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and an Isolated product. Full-spectrum is the use of the whole hemp plant, which includes several naturally occurring cannabis plant extracts, including THC, terpenes and other cannabinoids; you are using the plant as nature intended and getting maximum benefits. With broad spectrum, which is entirely free of THC, you are not getting the “full spectrum” of benefits that you would from using the whole plant. Then there is an isolated product, which takes out the specific cannabinoid from the plant. The danger with this is that often times it's a synthesized product and sometimes not even derived from the hemp plant at all. Using an isolate or a broad spectrum means that the plant is not in its purest form, and often times has been tampered with or lab-made, not the way that nature intended. This is something that you’d want to avoid in general.

In reality, there are many grey areas to marketing CBD, so brands are loosely using marketing terms like “all-natural", “most effective”, and “pure", but this simply is just not true when you turn the bottle around and look at the ingredients.

Think of this oil in terms of a full symphony orchestra. When you have all the different instruments, a conductor, composer and all the sounds that work in harmony with one another, you have a beautiful experience, the way its intended to be. When you remove one of the pieces of this orchestra, its no longer a full symphony. Even further, when you isolate one of the instruments from this, you get one sound. Which could be nice, depending on who is listening, but you are in no way receiving the full experience and effect.. and you’re definitely not getting your moneys worth; This is the same with a full symphony CBD!

Full-spectrum tells you that you’re getting all the good stuff—all the cannabinoids and terpenes that occur naturally in the entire plant. This is often referred to as the "entourage effect”— which means the chemical compounds work together in harmony rather than in isolation, in order to give you the maximum benefits.

2. Administration - a pump vs a dropper.

Another great way to sift through the companies that are committed to pet safety is to take a quick look at their product. If they have created a CBD with a glass dropper or a dropper in general, you will easily know this was not created with pets in mind.

Glass droppers often break in the pets mouths. Pets chomp down when the CBD is given through buccal or sublingual administration. This means absorbed through the gums and cheeks or under the tongue, which it should be for maximum absorption and effectiveness, thus, running the risk of glass breakage in their mouths, which is extremely common.

The other major risk with dropper is Bacterial Biofilm. In plain terms, this means that when the dropper enters the pets mouth, bacteria attaches to the dropper and then is put back into the bottle where it mixes with the formula and attaches to surfaces within the product. The bottle is immediately contaminated and upon administering the product again, you run the risk of persistent infection in your pet. These infections are terribly common and potentially life threatening. You want to avoid that at all costs.

If a pet CBD uses a pump, you know the company understands pets and their safety. A pump runs zero risk of any breakage in a pets mouth and makes it almost impossible for bacteria to enter the formula or cause contamination.

In general, you want to find a pet CBD that was made for pets first, not created as an after-thought to enter the pet market, like we see many pre-existing CBD companies doing.

3. The quality of the hemp plant is paramount.

Hemp plants are so powerful, they are known to absorb toxins from the soil. In fact, hemp plants were a tool used to pull radiation and toxins out of the soil around Chernobyl. So, knowing the power of this plant, you want to make sure that the hemp used to produce your oil is safely grown and harvested and avoids the inclusion of any harmful pesticides. This is why you should only ever choose a Pet CBD that is organic and non-GMO.

The full-spectrum PET CBD by Heel is derived from organic farmed hemp practices, it is non-GMO and California grown and formulated. This means that the soil is clean and you’re avoiding toxins and potentially harmful heavy metals. The cleaner the product, the safer and more effective it is. Learn more about Heel here.

It's also important to note the price — in order for a product to be safely and effectively formulated, there is a lot that goes into the creation of it. Generally, the cost price of organic products that have been third-party tested and safely formulated, is going to be higher - this is a good thing. The higher the cost price of a product like this, the safer, cleaner, and more effective it is for your pet. If a product like this retails for $30, please know that there has been zero quality control factored into this product. If there was, this cost would be higher. You want it to be higher, if you want the best quality and protection for your pet.

In closing, you want to look use these four points of reference to know if this product is safe and the most effective for you and your pet.

- Is it full spectrum?

- Is it a pump or a dropper bottle?

- Is it organic?

- How much does it cost - where is the quality?

So there you go, a concise list of what to look for to protect and heal your beloved pet!

If you're looking for a brand that you can trust - look no further. Created by Animal Communicator Sarah Lea, comes the new pet CBD, Heel. Heel was created to manage anxiety, pain and inflammation, arthritis, depression and bring back the daily optimist that is in all pets. If you feel now is your pet's time to Heel, we'd suggest snagging a bottle of Sarah's pet-safe full spectrum CBD.

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