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Ease your pet's nerves with these 4 quick and easy tips for pet-care.

The science behind why managing your pets mental health is more necessary than ever.

I think we can all agree that as a collective, we are navigating these unprecedented times, and with all the uncertainty and change of routine, we are seeing now more than ever, our pets being negatively effected too. Taking these experiences to shift our focus on checking in with ourselves and how we manage our daily routine, including the management of mental health in our pets too.

Below, we discuss how and why it's essential to nurture the routine and mental wellbeing of the animals in our home, as they experience the shifts of the current world in which we live.

1. Exercise, exercise, exercise.

Lack of physical exertion in animals is the number one cause of an over abundance of mental and physical energy. When animals do not release a necessary amount of physical energy daily, this energy sits in the body and translates to anxiety, frustration and too much mental

activity. Exercise and stimulation of all senses is the number one way to release a decent amount of this pent up anxiety. For the most part, anxiety in pets is just too much stored energy that needs an outlet.

Dog parks, hiking or even a good run will be your best friend when finding a quick fix… plus, its pretty great for humans too! Research continuously shows that physical exercise raises the

body’s production of endorphins, which gives you feel-good vibes and optimism in pets. If you need assistance during these outdoor escapades; Anecdotal evidence and researchers suggest, CBD can help manage the negative effect that anxiety has on daily routine and socialization in pets.

2. Routine is everything.

The single most effective way to create a sense of stability in your pets is to carve out a strict routine. Since the way of life has so drastically changed since the pandemic, a sense of discomfort has been reported in hundreds of pets due to the vast change in their daily life, and all the stress that has undoubtedly come with it. The simple act of building a new foundation that they can lean on will be a game changer for both you and your furry friend. The time they receive food, exercise, potty breaks and rest will create a new found sense of stability, when they know what to expect daily, they have something to lean on, when they

know what to expect, they have far less reason to be anxious.

3. Consider a natural tool - like CBD.

Pharmaceuticals for anxiety in pets that are so easily handed over by veterinarians often come with dependency and hormone imbalance, which is why so many pet owners turn to holistic remedies like Heel CBD oil for help quieting their mind and body. And beyond just the lack of health risks, reduced anxiety has been one of the most consistently observed effects in both animal and human studies done with CBD. While every pets needed dose is unique, starting with a single pump of their 1000mg bottle and working your way up or down on a daily basis has been a life saver based off the reviews of Heel.

4. Don't forget about your pet's nutrition.

With so many pet food brands that are more interested in marketing than pet wellness, there

are far too many vet prescribed and advertised pet foods bombarded with filler. Folic acid, yeast and starch causes allergies and stomach upset and acidity in far too many pets, this unnecessary, frustrated energy and in their stomach causes frustration and anxiety in their daily experience.

Following a holistic approach to pet wellness, we suggest staying away from anything that you can’t pronounce or that is processed. Whole foods like oats, steamed broccoli, peas and carrots, accompanied with your choice of clean, grain free protein and a touch of coconut or olive oil and some chia seeds have been seen to balance the GI tract, remove acidity and aid in the regularity and relaxation in pets.

So there you have it, 4 ways to ease your pet's nerves and manage their daily routine.

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