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How CBD helped my rescue dog manage the new normal.

My dog got so used to having me home that when things opened up again, his separation anxiety became unbearable.

After living and working from home during a global pandemic, my dog Coco couldn’t have been happier. He was by my side day and night and really took to the new normal... until things started opening up again.

Suddenly, he could not bear to be alone, even for a few minutes. Going out to the store became a nightmare and leaving for a few hours a day to go to work was well, even worse.

The more and more I was out, the worse his separation anxiety got. He would howl and cry at the door for hours, he started scratching and chewing on things; I had never experienced this behavior with him in our 9 years together.

I tried everything, from hours of exercise to tire him out to dog sitters and dog anxiety beds, but nothing seemed to help the anxiety he associated with being separated from me. This became unmanageable, I began carrying guilt and anxiety within myself because of what this was doing to my poor pup. Then my neighbor recommended a pet CBD that was created specifically for post-pandemic, separation anxiety in pets… needless to say, I got my paws on it the first chance I got.

I ordered Heel and it arrived in under 48 hours. I popped open the bottle and started giving it to Coco. I had read that its best given the same time daily as well as just before you leave. I was skeptical at first because how could an oil take away all my problems? But my skepticism soon fell away.

The first few days of giving Coco one pump of Heel, he would still cry at the door, but after 5 minutes there was not a sound. I checked on him through my pet camera and he was laying in his bed playing with his toys. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t crying for me any more. The sigh of relief I felt when this happened was huge, I had finally found a tool that could actually help me.

Adjusting to a new normal.

Two weeks in and a pump daily, his separation anxiety is no more. Never has it been easier for me to leave the house without any stress. I kiss Coco goodbye, hand him a few chew toys and he doesn’t even run behind me to the door. In fact, he is so chill, he doesn’t even bother to get up from his bed when he knows I’m leaving.

Adapting to this new way of life and having to leave home again became a lot more manageable with this tool we were equipped with. I felt at ease, knowing my beloved dog was at ease too.

“I felt optimistic going back to work knowing that my dog was happy and free of separation anxiety."

Side note: This CBD is an Ashwagandha infused, full-spectrum hemp oil that’s organic and no more than 0.3% THC. I may or may not have been sneaking some of it for myself, and to say we've been sleeping like babies is an understatement… but shhh, don’t tell anyone that little secret.

Our new normal feels a lot more supported than it did before. Things seem easier, I have peace of mind and so does my dog. I hope more pups get their paws on this stuff, the world would be a much happier and optimistic place with anxiety-free animals.

My recommendation: I got the 1000mg subscription. If you’re using it daily, this is a much more economical option... plus you get 20% off! Check out your options here.

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