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This CBD Subscription can give your pet the perfect dose of anxiety relief.

Cannabidiol, or the ingredient in hemp that helps you feel calm without that “high” feeling, is available pretty much anywhere. Since a growing number of researchers suggest CBD has some serious anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects, it's kind of a game changer, but what the masses don’t know yet, is CBD has been even more of a game changer for pets.

You’re welcome…

Before I get into why you’re ahead of the game if you're using a pet CBD, I want to make sure you’re using a real one! With so many companies trying capitalize on the pet space, they bypass all the necessary testing and formulation just to add a pet CBD to their product list.

They also fail to educate the pet parents on appropriate dosage for their fur babies and to provide trustworthy guidance. Having a high strung rescue dog, Major, I’ve tried all of the pet CBD products. Gummies, treats and even the straight oil all failed to help his stress, insomnia, and mild aggression. Each of these products were anti-climactic. What I wasn’t aware of was that not all CBD is created equal. I found out later that there is a vast difference in effectiveness between an isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD. I also never knew that there is way less absorption if its digested through their stomachs than through their gums. With all the false promises and lack of knowledge provided, I began to just accept that there was nothing I could to to assist Major and chill him out.

Then, Heel, a pet CBD subscription service came into our lives and changed all of that.

This product was created by Celebrity Animal Communicator, Sarah Lea, who was desperate to find a fix for exactly what I had been struggling with.

The Ashwagandha infused, full spectrum CBD for pets launched a few months ago and offers two potencies, catering to the different kinds of anxiety in pets. This adaptogenic magic comes in a 250mg or a 1000mg option.

“The 250mg is kind of a once off option, for those instances when you’re having guests over or going on a long car ride. The 1000mg is designed for every day use, for dogs and cats that need daily support. It really helps with separation anxiety, environmental sensitivity and is super helpful for older pets that have arthritis or pain and inflammation in general. I wanted to make a tool like this that is affordable for those that need it the most. So its way more economic to get the 1000mg and I offer a 20% off for those that choose the subscription,” says Sarah Lea, the founder of Heel.

How it works

When I first got the 1000mg option, it came in a beautiful violet glass bottle to protect the contents. I opened the pump and seeing as its only three ingredients; CBD, Ashwagandha and MCT oil, I thought I'd try it myself and honestly, it was pretty tasty. It’s gentle and smooth and I could taste there was no “weed” in there.

Having done so much research, I knew that there is no “one size fits all” dose. The end cannabinoid system varies from dog to dog and so following the founders suggestions, I started with one pump on Major's gums. I didn’t see much of a difference to be honest. A couple days later, I went up to two pumps and honestly, I was not expecting this kind of relaxation in Major. It's not the kind of relaxation where you’re knocked out — His demeanor seemed well… more optimistic and chill. He wasn’t all sleepy and mopey, in fact, his energy stayed the same…but the anxiety stopped. 30 mins into his two pumps, I took him walking. Usually, I'm expecting some kind of barking fit and serious leash pulling… but this time was different. Major was definitely still aware of the other dogs, but he was not so affected by them anymore. It felt like he was able to process his surroundings without reacting negatively to them. This is apparently what a real CBD formulated for pets does as it knocks off the “anxiety layer” in dogs that stops them from processing information fully, according to Sarah Lea.

In turn, my stress associated with dog walking was starting to take a back seat and so was Major's. For the first time in a year, he actually made a friend at the dog park. He sleeps through the night with me now (unlike the chomping on dog snacky snacks in my ear

at 3am I used to be subjected to lol.) The great thing about this product is, you can’t overdose. It is adaptogenic and gentle by nature, so although I give it to him every morning, if I’m having guests over later that day or we are doing something new, I give him one or two extra drops beforehand.

Based on my experience, the 1000mg subscription is far more economical and lasts longer, if you have a dog like Major. However, if you want something for individual instances, the 250mg is your best bet. Check out your options here.

While both options come in a 50ml bottle, their potencies vary. Because I give my pup 20mg, it makes far more sense for me to get the 1000mg bottle, which has about 50 20mg doses. The less potent 250mg bottle is only 5mg per serving, so when giving Major 20mg per dose, the 250mg bottle only has 12.5 servings.

Is it effective?

Yes, I have tried so many different things for Major, having finally found something that is safe for long term use and gentle on my baby, I won’t look elsewhere.

Is it worth the price tag?

Although this stuff is a serious game-changer for our lives as pet owners, it is expensive, tbh. It runs at just over $129 for the 1000mg and over $69 for the 250mg. However, with a monthly subscription (which you can pause or cancel whenever), you’ll save about $25, or

20 percent. The question isn’t “how much is it,” the question in mind is, “how much am I willing to invest to add value and reduce stress in our daily life?”

So when I ask myself that question, this is a no-brainer.

The conclusion.

There are a lot of random pet CBD brands out there, and based off my experience and research, they are not nearly the same. This company offers different potencies and guidelines on how to gently yet effectively, find the perfect dose for your pup (or kitty). Learn more or buy now at

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